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# Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well here we are reading my new technical blog.

Put it in place using dasBlog and I have to say it was a decent experience but not perfect. The source looks good but I had a heck of a time running it on my hosted server from Crystaltech because of a few things:

  • I needed to install it on a Medium trust server. It was not too hard but you have to pay attention to the installation instructions for sure.
  • My hosted server was running the 3.5 Framework and I was running into all kinds of issues. All I did was load up the source code into VS 2008, rebuild, and then deployed that new image to my site. BANG! Came right up after that.

I have to say that I am pretty impressed so far. We will see how the new relationship goes though.

Keep your eyes open, I hope to start posting some decently interesting stuff here soon.

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